Meanings and properties of natural bracelets

Have you ever wondered what is so special about natural stone bracelets? Well, today we are going to talk about our natural bead bracelets and all the meanings and properties of the stones with which we make them.

What is a natural stone bracelet?

If you are reading this, you probably already know that it is a natural stone bracelet, but if you have just arrived on this planet, we are going to explain to you what this " strange thing with colored balls" is.

A natural stone bracelet is nothing more than, as its name suggests, a bracelet that is made using natural stones found on this planet in which we live.

Natural stones used to make bracelets

There are very common stones that are easy to find and therefore are not expensive, but there are other rarer ones that increase its value when used for a product.

At DiversoMen we usually use stones such as Jasper, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and some others that can be easily found in different geographical areas. These are polished to give them a spherical shape and use them in our beautiful bracelets. We currently have models that use spherical beads, but they can be used in various geometric shapes.

stone properties

Now we are going to the important thing, the properties and meanings of the natural bracelets. In this post we are going to talk about the ones we have used up to the moment of writing this article in our bracelets, but obviously there are many more.

Jasper Stone:

  • Jasper is a stone that aligns the chakras, depending on its color, it is used for a specific chakra. It gives great support in moments of tension and brings us peace of mind and fullness. Jasper is a very common stone in natural bracelets and is widely used for meditation.
  • We have several colors available and we leave you our favorite below, guess why?

(Click on the image to see the bracelet)

Agate stone:

  • The Agate stone is known to settle the energies and brings balance, be it physical, emotional and intellectual to each person. Calms and soothes as well as having the power to harmonize ying and yang, both positive and negative forces. It is also a very common stone in bracelets of this type and has some variants.
  • The Indian Agate bracelet is our favorite and you just have to see it to be impressed.

indian agate bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet)

Tiger Eye Stone:

  • Most of you will already know it, and it is used to remedy psychological problems of self-esteem, self-criticism and creativity blocks. Tiger's eye for centuries has been used as an amulet or talisman against curses, a protective bracelet.
  • That characteristic color and its resemblance to which it receives its name from a feline eye.

tiger eye bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet) 

Volcanic Lava Stone:

  • Like the tiger's eye, it is a well-known stone and helps to attract positive vibrations, eliminating negative emotions such as grudges, anger or negative memories and protecting us from them. It gives us serenity and a lot of patience.
  • They are formed when volcanic magma solidifies and obtains that rough shape with characteristic imperfections.

volcanic lava bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet) 

Howlite stone:

  • Considered a relaxing stone, it is used to fight insomnia. Helps control patience, anger and eliminates anger. It can assist us when it comes to generating ambitions, whether material or spiritual, and it is perfect for meditation.
  • Aesthetically it is very similar to white turquoise stone or even marble.

White howlite bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet) 

Lapis lazuli stone:

  • It is a stone that balances the chakra and helps to release stress and anxiety, bringing deep peace and serenity. It is said to be a protective stone that attracts guardian spirits.
  • A blue color with some details of shades that makes it unmatched.

lapis lazuli bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet) 

Turquoise Stone:

  • The turquoise stone has been used since ancient times to promote communication between the physical world and the spiritual world. It has very effective healing properties giving well-being to the physical and spiritual body.
  • As its own name indicates, it has that incredible characteristic turquoise blue color.

turquoise stone bracelet

Malachite stone:

  • The malachite stone is a protective stone, it absorbs the negative energies of the body. Green malachite works by cleaning and activating the chakras. It brings balance and harmony.
  • It has that beautiful green color with betas of different shades.

Green malachite bracelet

(Click on the image to see the bracelet) 

We have already seen the types of natural stones that we use in DiversoMen, each and every one of them is unique since no two bracelets are the same. We manufacture them in Spain and we form them directly with all the passion for accessories that characterizes us, making them the perfect accessory and gift.

You can always take a look at our collection of beaded bracelets to see all the models of each type of stone and decide for yourself which one best represents you.

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