What tie to choose for a wedding

What tie do I buy for a wedding? Better one that matches my suit or one that matches my companion's dress? Narrow or wide tie? What color to choose? Formal or informal tie?

Don't worry! Before going crazy with the ideal tie for a wedding, take a deep breath and relax, we're going to help you.

We are going to use the technique which we will call the detective technique. A very simple and very helpful technique. What should you do first? easy, research and gather information, but don't spend too much time on it.

  • The first thing will be to collect information about the wedding, is it a formal or informal event, outdoors or closed, in what season of the year, day or night.
  • The second information about your suit and complexion, is it fine cut, what is the color, color of the shirt, are you a wide or thin person.
  • Third, information about the clothing of your companion, here the main thing is the color, since it is customary to wear a matching color tie if possible.

Well done Sherlock! You have completed the hard part, now you can go back to the office and take a break while we continue the work.

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Based on the type of wedding:

1. Formal or Informal: If we have a formal wedding, we recommend using a discreet color, burgundy, navy blue, dark green, 8cm or 7cm wide. The design, perhaps it is better to look for something smooth or with stripes or drawings that are not very striking with colors in harmony. For the informal we can give free rein to our tastes, we can use more striking colors and designs, although the ideal would be to use narrow ties of about 6cm or 7cm.

2. Date of the wedding: The only advice we can give here is that if it is a daytime wedding in the month of August, it is very likely that the upper part of the suit will not be used much, so you should know that the tie will shine more , if you wear a bright yellow one you will be the center of attention of all eyes and mosquitoes.

Based on your suit:

1. Color of the suit: Depending on the color we can try to find an appropriate combination, we would spend two days talking about these color combinations and we would leave many, so we recommend that you take into account in this case that they are not unpleasant or very sober colors in sight. When we talk about sober, we mean avoiding wearing a plain navy blue tie with a suit of the same color, always look for it to have another color or its design to give the outfit some life.

2. Wide or narrow: In this case we will use one according to several details, if you have a cut suit with fine lapels, we would use a 6 or 7 cm tie, if it has a classic cut then an 8 cm wide one. If you are a person with a wide abdomen and hips, a narrow tie could create a sensation of contrast and make you a slimmer figure, never wear a slim one of 5cm or less. If your complexion is tall and athletic, we recommend one of 8 or 7cm as it covers your torso well.

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Based on the clothing of the companion:

It is very common for a man to wear a tie the color of his companion's dress, so in this case there is not much to comment on, since if you decide to follow this custom you already know the color, and based on the above information you will be able to choose the width and design.

In conclusion:

The best thing about ties is that we can find a design that suits both the conditions of each event and our tastes. What do we mean by this? As long as it does not clash with the occasion, it would be very difficult to choose our tie badly.

At DiversoMen we support people with values, whether they are classic values ​​or people who decide to follow their own rules. So you should always choose according to your tastes, with what you feel comfortable and satisfied with.

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