From DiversoMen we inform you that we are closed for staff rest from February 18 to February 28 inclusive.

All orders placed until Friday the 17th at 1:00 p.m. will be shipped normally. As of said day and time, orders will be on hold to be shipped on March 1.

If you place an order from 18 to 28 and wish to cancel it, you can contact us and we will cancel it on March 1.

In this section, we will not attend to e-mails or web inquiries, if you are waiting to receive a package, you can check the status on the MRW website with the tracking number provided in the e-mail you received confirming the sending your order (It may reach the SPAM or Junk Mail folder).

For any management, you can use this number and contact MRW directly to check the status and delivery of your package (In case of incident they will contact you by phone).

For returns that comply with the 14 calendar days of return in said section, they will have 10 more days of extension in the return. However, we recommend contacting us to request it and be able to manage it as soon as we return on March 1.

If you have sent a return to our facilities and it arrives in that section, the review and refund of the amount will be postponed until first thing in the morning on March 1.

We appreciate your understanding and we will be back on March 1 to continue as normal.