Father's Day gift ideas

March 19 is a special day for everyone, for two reasons, either because it is Father's Day or because we have a relative, friend or acquaintance named José or any of its variants.

What if your father's name is José? Is it time to make a double gift?

Leaving jokes aside, we know that each year is more complicated, we try not to repeat the previous year and we intend to find an original gift that is becoming more and more complicated. But don't worry as we will show you several original ideas to give as a gift for Father's Day, be it a small detail or something more creative.

For special occasions

This year 2021 we have seen how special events decrease, but that has a consequence, more events for the coming years. Events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, fairs and much more will come back and come all at once. We must be prepared and we at DiversoMen are specialists in details for these events. The simple fact of giving a tie or a bow tie is already something original as well as practical, and if they have a print of skulls, bicycles, anchors, animals or any other original print, you will be able to surprise like never before.

Burgundy tie and bow tie with light blue figures

(Click on the image to see the ties)

Have you become fond of bicycles or cars? Imagine his surprise when he receives a tie or bow tie with that print that, apart from surprising him, will give him a great touch of personality when he has the next event and doesn't know what to wear.

For the day to day

What better than giving something that he carries with him every day that reminds him of what you mean to him?

Well, here we give you the next idea, a natural stone bracelet.

The natural stone bracelets that we have at DiversoMen are handmade bracelets, with natural spherical stones that make them different from each other, which will always be a unique and original bracelet.

Natural spherical stone bracelets

(Click on the image to see the bracelets)

Each stone has a unique color, properties and meaning, so each model can represent something significant, from love and friendship to serenity and tranquility.

You can go through our article on meanings and properties of natural bracelets.

For the most daring

Being daring is a relative term, but what is certain is that a daring person usually has a strong personality. For them we can always choose something specific that it would probably be unthinkable to give to another person.

Going beyond the standards is your thing? Why wear a red tie if you can wear an orange one with flowers?

For some it is difficult to make these decisions, but for others it is the law of life, to dare to wear what no one else wears, something original and with personality.

Steel Golden Cuban Chain

(Click on the image to see the necklaces)

In this case, at DiversoMen we have some products for very specific or daring tastes.

because you care about their health

There is nothing more important than your health, and there is no accessory more in line with that and which is also one of the fashion accessories this year, fabric masks.

Black and white brown checkered face mask

(Click on the image to see the masks)

We started with surgical masks, then black ones appeared, until we reached cloth masks, in all possible colors and shapes. Well, at DiversoMen we have both the black and the estados, approved and with an internal filter to wash and reuse them.

The best of all!

And the best thing is that you won't have to worry about preparing or wrapping the gift, since we offer the option of wrapping them. With a matt black plastic envelope and a small golden ribbon to show who is the best son in the world.

gift wrapping
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